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Nevada Commission on Homeland Security - Cyber Security Committee
Government Employee-Management Relations Board
Elko Convention and Visitors Authority
Lyon County Library Board of Trustees
ASUN Senate Standing Committee on Academics and Student Affairs
Building Enterprise Fund Advisory Committee
Nevada Real Estate Division
Division of Health Care Financing and Policy
Nevada Real Estate Division
State Land Use Planning Advisory Council
Division of Minerals
Workforce Connections Board of Directors
Local Elected Officials Consortium
Library Board of Trustees
Washoe County Commission
Somerset Academy
TMWA Section 115 Post-Retirement Medical Plan and Trust
Housing Authority of the City of Reno
Housing Authority of the City of Reno
Washoe Housing Finance Corporation
Transitional Housing Corporation
Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation
Investment Committee
UNR Foundation
Nevada Arts Council
Incline Village General Improvement District
Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners
Redevelopment Advisory Commission
Elko City Council
White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board
Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders
WCSD Board of Trustees
Humboldt County School District
Round Mountain Town Board
City of Mesquite
Humboldt County Library Board of Trustees
ASUN Senate Standing Committee on Government Operations
Nevada Virtual Academy
CCSD Board of Trustees School Name Committee
Founders Classical Academy of Las Vegas
Elko County School District
Board of Trustees
Incline Village General Improvement District
Doral Academy of Northern Nevada
Winchester Town Advisory Board
Lower Kyle Canyon Citizens Advisory Council
Utility Advisory Board
Lone Mtn. Citizens Advisory Council
Churchill County Planning Commission
Spring Valley Town Advisory Board
Lyon County School District
Carson City School District
West Wendover City Council
McGill Town Coucil
Paradise Town Advisory Board
Moapa Town Advisory Board
City of Boulder City
City of Wells Board of Council
Development Services Center Advisory Committee
Goodsprings Citizens Advisory Council
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Public Notice Access

Public Bodies wishing to post public notices must first register for an account. It is recommended to use your government issued email address.


Next Steps after you register

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name and email address.
  2. The type of Government (i.e. State, City, County, K-12, Higher Education, Special Districts).
  3. The area or “Entity” your Government type represents. For example, if your Government type is County, tell us which County i.e. Churchill, Clark, Douglas, etc.
  4. The name of the Public Body (aka Committee/Council/Board) you will be posting for? Please list all of the Public Bodies you will be responsible to post notices for.
  5. After you send the email with this information, you will receive an email or phone call back from the Department of Administration’s Director’s Office to confirm your account has been successfully enrolled. If you have questions, please call (775)-684-0202.