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Nevada Emergency Preparedness Working Group
Nevada Homeland Security Working Group
Division of Child and Family Services
Las Vegas Metro Police Department Fiscal Affairs Committee
WPC Regional Transportation Commission
Humboldt Regional Transportation Commission
Humboldt County Commission
Golconda Water Board
McDermitt General Improvement District
Paradise Valley Sewer District Board
Yerington City Council
William Bee Ririe Hospital
BBWD Board of Trustees
Coyote Springs Water Resources District
Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association
Clark County Stadium Authority Board
LVVWD Board of Directors
LVVWD Retirement Plan Subcommittee
Colorado River Commission
Humboldt County Landfill Committee
Sparks City Council
Sparks Redevelopment Agency
Washoe-Storey Conservation District
STEM Advisory Council
Governor Office of Science, Innovation and Technology
WCSD Board of Trustees - Advisory Committee
CCSD - Career and Technical Education Committee
Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada Las Vegas
Beatty Town Advisory Board
Churchill County Commissioners
Churchill County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife
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Public Notice Access

Public Bodies wishing to post public notices must first register for an account. It is recommended to use your government issued email address.


Next Steps after you register

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name and email address.
  2. The type of Government (i.e. State, City, County, K-12, Higher Education, Special Districts).
  3. The area or “Entity” your Government type represents. For example, if your Government type is County, tell us which County i.e. Churchill, Clark, Douglas, etc.
  4. The name of the Public Body (aka Committee/Council/Board) you will be posting for? Please list all of the Public Bodies you will be responsible to post notices for.
  5. After you send the email with this information, you will receive an email or phone call back from the Department of Administration’s Director’s Office to confirm your account has been successfully enrolled. If you have questions, please call (775) 684-0299.